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Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities:

  • CAD/CAM - We have the capacity to import and unfold from your 3D files for rapid prototyping of your sheet metal parts.
  • CNC Punching - Our many turret presses provide us with one of the most efficient and versatile methods of stamping sheet metal.
  • CNC Forming - CNC programming allows an infinate number of backgauge and ram settings. We specialize in precision-formed parts up to 7 feet in length.
  • CNC Machining - With our multi-axis CNC mills we can provide close tolerance machining on a variety of metals and plastics.
  • Welding - We utilize a wide variety of welding equipment and competent welders to meet our customer’s requirements.
  • Line Graining - We utilize wet and dry Timesavers to deburr and add a uniform finish to most parts. It can give an unpainted part a look of quality.
  • Hardware Assembly - A large variety of PEM fasteners and automatic insertion equipment are maintained for a quick lead-time response.
  • Spray Painting - Whether you need liquid or powder finishing, our paint division turns out that finish you love to touch.
  • Prototypes - Our experienced programmers and inspectors extensive tool list allows us to produce prototypes with a quick tunaround time.
  • Silk Screening - Our trained personnel provide quality printing in our own silkscreening department.